ARTICLE: 5 Key Features Of The Right Decision Maker For You

5 Key Features Of The Right Decision Maker For You

You have similar values. When you are choosing a decision maker, you must think about his or her values. Do you share common values? Common values can help ensure your wishes will be fulfilled. If you do not, talk about your differences to make sure your decision maker can act as you when the time comes.

The person is responsible in making his or her own decisions. Look at how your potential decision maker handles his or her own decisions. Is this person financially responsible? Does he or she have a difficult time making choices or acting responsibly? After observing how he or she handles personal decisions, you can begin to evaluate how he or she will handle making decisions for you.

You trust the decision maker. You are handing over a lot of responsibility and important matters, so most importantly you must trust this person to make the right decisions. Trust between the two of you can ensure that your wishes are respected and met.

This person is willing to be your decision maker. While you may believe that naming someone your decision maker is an honor for them, it may not be right for everyone. Before listing a specific decision maker within your estate plan, you must have a conversation with the person you want to name. To ensure your planning works when you need it to, you must ask this person if he or she agrees to be listed as your decision maker.

After much evaluation, you will find the right decision maker. Remember, the work is not over! You should name a second decision maker just in case your primary decision maker passes away or does not want to take on the responsibility. Then it is time to meet with your estate planning attorney and put your plan into action.

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