Elder Law

It’s estimated that ten thousand people turn 65 in the U.S. every day, and as we live longer, it’s creating new challenges and concerns.

  • Where should you live?
  • How can you stay safe?
  • What help is available?

As elder law attorneys, we assist seniors and their families in navigating some of these legal and logistical issues that you and your family may face as you grow older.

We help people qualify for benefits when they need nursing home care, whether as individuals or as couples. We also help individuals and families take steps to protect their assets while preparing them for their future needs.

Our legal guidance in the elder law area generally falls into one of two categories:

Proactive Planning

When applying for Medicaid assistance, you’ll currently be subject to the “5-year look-back.” Put simply, it means that the government will review all of your finances over the past 5 years when determining whether or not you qualify for nursing home benefits.

By planning 5 years or more in advance of your needs, you can protect assets and make things easier for yourself and your loved ones.

Our goal is to give you peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re prepared for the future and knowing you won’t have to spend all of your hard earned assets on your nursing home care. This way you are still sure to leave a legacy to those you love the most.

Crisis Planning

Of course, sometimes tragedy strikes when you least expect it. If you didn’t plan ahead, or if something has occurred that wasn’t a part of your initial planning, there are often times still steps you can take to protect some of your assets.
Unfortunately crisis planning is much harder than if you were able to plan ahead.

Protecting your assets in this situation is not a straightforward process, but we can help. Even if you didn’t plan 5 years ahead, you may still be able to protect some of your assets rather than having everything spent on your nursing home care.

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