April is Coming Soon!

It is almost time to file your Federal Income Taxes. The deadline for filing a 2021 federal tax return is April 18, 2022. Many of our clients hire tax professionals to assist with their tax returns. We always encourage our clients to seek qualified professionals to help. However, Continue reading

Life Insurance and Seniors

Do you have life insurance? Do you know how much it will cover? If not, then you’re not alone. Many seniors are unaware of the coverage that their life insurance policy provides or are uninformed about how to calculate what they need. The good news is that there’s no better time than Continue reading

How to Plan for Estate Tax Changes

Recently, the federal estate tax has been popping up in headlines. While not usually subject to such buzz, the federal estate tax can have important implications for many Americans. Did you know that there are proposed changes that would significantly reduce the federal estate Continue reading

Understanding the Home Sale Tax Exclusion

Are you considering selling your home? If so, it can be important to understand the home sale tax exclusion so you can take steps to help make sure you qualify for the tax benefit, even if it means adjusting your plans by a few months. The amount of the exclusion differs if you Continue reading

Estate Planning Tips When You Near the Tax Limits

Did you know that the estate tax exemption, currently set at $11.7 million for singles and $23.4 million for married couples, is set to expire in 2026? The current administration, however, has signaled a desire to reduce the exemption, though no one knows exactly when that might Continue reading