ARTICLE: Ways to Say I Love You That Last Forever

Ways to Say I Love You That Last Forever

There are numerous ways you can say “I love you” to someone you love. Chocolates, flowers, candy, a new car… we all can think of a number of “things” we can give those we care most about to show them our love. We can also simply say those three little words.

The best way is usually the simplest and most effective in expressing how you feel for your spouse, family and friends. Sometimes, however, saying “I love you” requires a little more complexity. Especially, in the event you are no longer here to say the words.

Believe it or not, estate planning is a very powerful statement of your love to your family and those you care about. In this article, we share with you the several reasons why estate planning can be a very powerful demonstration of your love for another, although the magnitude of what you have done for another is often not seen right away.

First, it takes time to create effective and correct estate planning. You need to decide what you really want now, and well into the future for your family, friends and loved ones. It can be stressful to think about life after your death but it is very important to ensure that the sorrow your loved one’s feel is not compounded by a lengthy and expensive court case. The right estate plan for you and your family can remove this very real scenario from their future.

The second reason why is estate planning does not simply financially benefit your heirs. It unburdens you and them of stress that can arise with medical issues at the end of life. You can choose now both who your decision makers are and how you want decisions handled. By completing estate planning now, you ensure all end of life decisions are your own and not someone else’s. Often, you do not realize how important the health care component of estate planning can be until it is too late to thoughtfully plan.

Finally, and one of the most important reasons by far, completing correct New York estate planning removes the burden of making critical decisions from your grieving loved ones while they are dealing with your death. Timely estate planning ensures this by considering all contingencies that someone who is emotionally compromised might overlook. It also prevents the threat of your loved ones being taken advantage of during this difficult time.

We know estate planning is not a traditional gift that says “I love you” to your spouse and your family, but we think it should be. Don’t wait to contact us to discuss how you can give this important gift to those you love most. We look forward to helping you make this gift.

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