ARTICLE: Tips for Before You Travel This Year: Part 1 of our Travel Safe! Series

Tips for Before You Travel This Year: Part 1 of our Travel Safe! Series

Planning a trip can be almost as fun as going on the trip itself! Looking forward to packing what you’ll need during your trip and planning ahead for what you will do once you get there is part of the process, but how much time do you spend with your mindset on the homefront? Preparing yourself to leave? Often, we are so focused on the trip ahead that we forget about the pre-planning that needs to take place before we head out the door.

It is key for you to make sure you and your household are set up for travel. Whether you plan to be gone for a long weekend or a month, our five pre-planning preparations will serve you well!

1. Make sure you’ll be able to access your finances. Chances are you may want to check-in on your finances from a secure internet connection while you travel. Make sure you have accessed your bank accounts from the devices you travel with so you don’t get locked out of your accounts due to unfamiliar log in credentials. Also, tell your credit card companies where you’re going so they won’t deny you access for suspicious activity when you want to use them.

2. Set up someone to check in on your house. Just a quick set of eyes on your doors and windows, or a light turned on at night, can protect the home you are coming back to. Don’t forget, in most instances, this can also be done through your alarm company.

3. Make a paper copy of your health care advance directives. Sure, you have your attorney’s telephone number and a digital copy but, in the event of an emergency, you want to be able to put hands on these documents easily.

4. Give another person you trust a copy of your itinerary.  It’s important to let others know where you are going. You also want to set up scheduled check-ins including when you should arrive, when you leave and periodically throughout. This is especially important when you travel alone.

5. Set your (and your family members) privacy settings high on social media. You may want to share everything you’re doing with your friends but limit it to them. You don’t want to advertise to the general public you’re not at home.

Once done, you can repeat these steps as often as you travel.  With these recommendations, minimum effort is required on your part to make sure you are protected every time you go on an adventure. The peace of mind pre-planning will provide you, every time, is priceless.

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