ARTICLE: Tips on Family Law Mediation

Tips on Family Law Mediation

Many people have heard the term ‘mediation,’ but often, we are asked what exactly mediation is and how it can benefit our clients.

Mediation is a process where two parties discuss their disputes with a qualified and experienced impartial third-party.

The mediator can help the two parties come to an amicable resolution, outside of the courts.

Family law mediation, specifically, is a unique type of mediation that focuses on resolving disputes among family members, including divorce and custody disputes. We want to share with you some tips about family law mediation, so you can make an informed decision about whether mediation is the right fit for your specific legal needs.

First, it is important to consider whether you believe you need a third party to assist you with your dispute. Divorce and custody battles are some of the most challenging and emotional experiences a couple can go through. Frequently, these types of disputes involve constant arguing, stress, and the inability to communicate effectively with one another. An experienced third party, like a family law mediator, can help you voice your concerns, as well as goals, and come to an amicable solution that will benefit all parties involved.

Second, we encourage you to approach mediation with an open mind.

Mediation can be an overwhelming and, sometimes, time-consuming process.

To fully benefit from the assistance of an experienced mediator, it is imperative that you remain open and willing to cooperate with all parties involved. This can help you hammer out terms for custody, visitation, and the division of assets quickly and discreetly in order to make the process less stressful and less traumatic for any children involved.

Finally, it is important to trust the process, but keep your mediator informed. By enlisting the help of an experienced family law mediator, you are trusting a third party to help resolve your disputes. Keeping your mediator informed, however, is essential. Only you know the specific details of your situation. By sharing those details with your mediator, he or she can more effectively work for your best interests.

We know that family disputes can be particularly challenging to resolve. It is important to remain open-minded, calm, and respectful, and trust that an experienced family law mediator will work to resolve your dispute with your best interest in mind. Do not hesitate to contact our office to ask us your questions and to evaluate if mediation is the right fit for your family law needs.

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