ARTICLE: Quality Estate Planning Starts with a Consultation

Quality Estate Planning Starts with a Consultation

A painter should want to see the house that needs painting before giving a quote. Is it a three-story house that will require scaffolding? Are there any rotting boards to address before painting? Does the homeowner want to paint a red house to white, which will require multiple coats of paint? This kind of critical information can’t be determined by a simple phone call. To properly plan for a job and charge a realistic amount, the painter needs to see the entire project first.

An estate planning attorney should want to meet with you in person for an initial consultation instead of providing an immediate quote over the phone. Proper estate planning requires a detailed discussion about your assets, your family situation, and your goals. Like a painter, an attorney needs to see the entire project first.

Without enough information at hand, a pricing quote is just a shot in the dark.

“I just need a simple will.”
Many people think they “just need a basic Will.” It’s possible that your situation is simple and straightforward, and your goals can be fully realized with just a Will. But after an initial consultation with an estate planning attorney, you may determine that a Will is not going to meet your needs.

In many cases, once a client learns about the benefits of using a Revocable Trust as part of an estate planning strategy, they understand that investing some time and money up front will likely save a significant amount of (time and money) in the long run. An initial consultation helps the attorney understand your unique situation and helps you understand all the tools available to create the right estate planning strategy.

“But two other attorneys have given me a price over the phone.”
Sure. You’ll find painters who’ll give you a quote over the phone, too. These situations can result in additional costs being billed later, compromised work product, bad business reviews, and—ultimately—business failure. Nobody comes out ahead.

A sustainable business model requires fair and reasonable pricing. Fair and reasonable pricing requires understanding the scope of a project up front. An initial consultation ensures that your attorney understands your full situation before putting a price on the work to be done.

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