Practice Areas

Estate Planning

We create plans ranging from large taxable estates to smaller estates with modest funds. In most cases our clients come to us with a general goal in mind – to make things as easy as possible for their surviving loved ones. We aim to do this while reducing or eliminating taxes, reducing expenses and protecting assets. No matter your situation, we help plan your estate so you can have peace of mind that you have simplified the process as much as possible for your loved ones. Read more.

Elder Law

Weather you are planning ahead or if your spouse or parent just went into a nursing home, you want to ensure they get the best care possible at the least cost to the family. We can assist with this process, including helping you to apply for Medicaid and to protect your assets, such as your home, for loved ones – rather than spending everything you own on your care. Read more.

Estate and Trust Administration

The probate process can be costly, complicated, and stressful during a time that’s already highly emotional. Often times there is much more to be done when someone passes away than most people may think. We help guide families every step of the way to ensure that everything that needs to be done gets done and done correctly. Read more.

Business Formation and Formalities

We provide a wide range of business legal needs from simple formations and contracts to complex asset protection (both in-state and out-of-state). Also, if you own a business, your estate plan may need special provisions to help manage your business in case of your disability or death. We can help ensure your estate planning documents address the needs of your business as well as your family. Read more.