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May 2021 – Why You Need An Elder Law Attorney in Addition to an Estate Planning Attorney

April 2021 – Why Do Trusts Fail?

March 2021 – How Do I Choose an Estate Planning Attorney Near Me?

February 2021 – 5 Questions to Ask When Updating Your Estate Plan After Remarriage

January 2021 – What is Medicare Advantage?

December 2020 – Do the New Medicaid Rules in New York Impact My Current Planning?

November 2020 – Open Enrollment Medicare is Not Medicaid

October 2020 – Do Adult Children Have to Cover The Cost of a Parents Long-Term Care

September 2020 – Changes to New York State Medicaid Laws Have Arrived

August 2020 – Why It is Critical to Keep Your Original Estate Documents in a Safe Secure Place

July 2020 – Protect an Elder Parents Medicaid Eligibility by Spending Their Stimulus Check

June 2020 – Why Grats are Attractive Wealth Transfer Vehicles in Bear Markets

May 2020 – What is An Irrevocable Live Insurance Trust and How Can It Advance my Estate Planning Goals

April 2020 – Tips on How You Can Protect Your Family Against the Coronavirus

March 2020 – How The New Secure Act Will Affect Trust Based Estate Planning

February 2020 – Does a New Decade Mean You Should Review Old Estate Plans

January 2020 – 5 Trust Funding Dos and Don’ts in the New Year

December 2019 – driving Tips on How to Talk to an Aging Loved One About Their Driving

November 2019 – Mediation It’s Not Just For Child Custody Issues

October 2019 – Planning How Could The Secure Act Impact Your IRA Based Estate Planning

September 2019 – day – Are Your Grandparents Protected This Grandparents Day

August 2019 – Do I need an Estate Planning or an Elder Law Attorney

July 2019 – Tips on Family Law Mediation

June 2019 – Meet our New Mediator Kristin B Schamel Esq.

May 2019 – Ancillary Probate Tips for Planning Your Estate

April 2019 – 4 Foods to Help Seniors Augment Their Memories

March 2019 – Protect Your Estate With Qualified Gray Divorce Planning

February 2019 – Protecting Your College Student in a New Semester with Estate Planning

January 2019 – Is it Time to Update Your Estate Plan In the New Year

December 2018 – Ways to Say Thank You to a Caregiver During the Holidays

November 2018 – How Medicare Advantage Stacks Up Against Original Medicare

October 2018 – New York Estate Planning You Need When You Have Minor Children

September 2018 – Ways to Ensure You are Protected in a Sudden Crisis When You are separated

August 2018 – How to Help Your Aging Parent Live Safely at Home

July 2018 – Happy July to You and Your Family From Roth Elder Law

June 2018 – Happy June to You and Your Family From Roth Elder Law

May 2018 – Happy May to You and Your Family From Roth Elder Law

April 2018 – Happy April to You and Your Family from Roth Elder Law

March 2018 – Happy Spring from Roth Elder Law

February 2018 – Happy Valentines Day from Roth Elder Law

January 2018 – Happy New Year from Roth Elder Law

December 2017 – Happy Holidays from Roth Elder Law

November 2017 – Happy Thanksgiving from Roth Elder Law

October 2017 – Happy National Special Needs Law Month

September 2017 – Happy Self Improvement Month

August 2017 – Hello and Happy Family Fun Month

July 2017 – Happy Fourth of July

June 2017 – Hello Summer From Roth Elder Law

May 2017 – Celebrate the Month of May with Us

April 2017 – April is in Full Bloom at Roth Elder Law!

March 2017 – Spring is in the Air at Roth Elder Law!

February 2017 – Happy Valentines Day!

January 2017 – Happy New Year to You and Your Family

August, 2016 – Knock, Knock… Who’s There?

July, 2016 – Happy Birthday America!

June, 2016 – Happy Father’s Day!

May, 2016 – May Fourth Be With You!

April, 2016 – National Pet Day.

March, 2016 – National Pack Your Own Lunch Day.

February, 2016 – A Thank You From Roth Elder Law.

January, 2016 – We Introduce Our New, Updated Website and Newsletter.


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