ARTICLE: How Do I Choose an Estate Planning Attorney Near Me?

How Do I Choose an Estate Planning Attorney Near Me?

If you finally reached the important decision to put an estate plan in place, you may have asked yourself, “How do I choose an estate planning attorney near me?” This can be a good question and a difficult one to answer if you do not know where to begin. A cursory search of local estate planning attorneys may yield a vast array of options. Let us discuss some tips on how you can choose the right estate planning attorney near you.

A good place to start your search may be through seeking personal referrals. Ask friends, family members, co-workers, and other professionals in your area if they have utilized the services of a local estate planning attorney and if they would recommend anyone in particular to help you with your own estate plan. Additionally, if you have used the services of another attorney in the area, you may wish to ask him or her if he or she has suggestions on choosing an estate planning attorney near you. Attorneys may be happy to help current or past clients locate proficient attorneys practicing in other areas of the law.

Once you have generated a list of potential estate planning attorneys near you, there are a number of ways you can narrow down your choices. For instance, you may want an attorney who practices full time, or in large part, in estate planning. The focus of a practice on estate planning can help ensure the attorney is well-versed in that particular area of the law. Furthermore, attorneys practicing more specifically in the area of estate planning usually study and research to keep updated on significant changes in the law that can impact estate plans, as well as knowing the specific ins and outs of the local probate court.

You may also wish to engage the services of an attorney with whom you feel comfortable with. Estate planning can involve some in-depth and personal discussions about delicate topics such as finances and family dynamics. Meet with your prospective attorney and decide whether or not you would feel comfortable having such talks with him or her.

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