ARTICLE: What If You Didn’t Come Home Tonight?

What If You Didn’t Come Home Tonight?

What if you didn’t come home tonight?

What if your family received that call tonight? That you’ve been in a serious car accident, that you’ve had a heart attack or stroke… and you didn’t make it? While they will be emotionally devastated, the estate plan you complete now can ensure their future and financial well-being is protected even in a future with you.

We’ve all had these thoughts and concerns, yet we still put off creating an estate plan. We believe that we are invincible and by deciding to plan for life after us, we’re giving in to the idea that one day there will be an end. Unfortunately, the one thing in life that is certain for everyone is the fact that we will not live forever. Instead of ignoring the inevitable, it’s time to be smart!

We know that death and disability planning are tough subjects for anyone to tackle but they are topics we cannot ignore. Estate planning helps determine what happens when you are gone or can no longer make decisions for yourself. You can create a plan that provides a future and a legacy for your spouse and children. Especially when you have minor children, you need a plan in place to ensure they are provided for emotionally and financially.

While planning your estate, focus on communication. Communicate with your attorney and family members.  Ask your attorney questions. You need the right estate plan for you and your estate planning attorney can help you create it. Who should be your healthcare decision maker? Who can invest your assets like you would? Would you like to be cremated? Buried? Estate planning answers all the questions that only you can answer for yourself in a plan created by your attorney.

Remember, even if you do not create an estate plan, you still have one. The New York Surrogates court will decide who will be in charge of your estate administrations and who will inherit from you in a public probate proceeding. Save your family the pain of seeing the inside of a court room after your death or in the event of your incapacity. Be prepared for the future by knowing what happens if you do not come home tonight! Need help getting started? Contact us to set up an appointment to discuss what you need in place right now.

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