ARTICLE: Bon Voyage! Should You Look Into Health Care in the Country You Travel To?

Bon Voyage! Should You Look Into Health Care in the Country You Travel To?

Shirts, pants, pajamas, toothbrush, phone charger, healthcare…check! You are packed and ready to jet set off on vacation. When planning vacation, many people typically focus on where they’re staying and making dinner reservations at the city’s best  restaurants. When planning your next overseas vacation, however, should the first thing you look into be getting healthcare in your overseas destination?

The answer is yes! First off, check your current medical coverage. Traditional Medicare doesn’t cover most issues you will face while abroad. Private plans, however, will provide coverage and supplement your Medicare Supplemental Policy (if you have one). Will you be traveling alone or in a group? If you’re traveling in a group, ask provider for information on group travel insurance. Be sure ask what is covered? Also, don’t forget to bring along your insurance identity. Travel medical insurance typically covers medical emergencies abroad. It will often reimburse unexpected medical costs or even help you locate local medical facilities.

Do you have a special medical condition? If this is the case then travel insurance in the country you are traveling to may be critical for you. Extra preparation is necessary to be sure that you are covered if extra medical care is required, especially based on a preexisting condition. Be sure, when you travel, to take a detailed letter from a physician describing your medical conditions and any medication you take. Going to a country where English isn’t spoken? You may want to have that letter translated or provided to the company, if you are traveling with one.

In most cases, after purchasing overseas travel insurance you have ten to fifteen days to review your plan and get a better understanding of it. Be sure to check trip dates and details. If you realize that your plan will not cover your needs then you can cancel it. Read your plan details to figure out the time period in which you have to cancel your plan.

Do your research and bon voyage!

Don’t forget, this is Part 4 of our Travel Safe! series. If you missed our previous installments, not to worry, you can read them by going over to our blog using this link.

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