ARTICLE: The Best Way to Show You’re Thankful for Family

The Best Way to Show You’re Thankful for Family

November always gets us thinking about thankfulness.

It’s probably because we are getting ready for the Thanksgiving holidays in our households and in our firm. It’s a frequent conversation with clients and we love to hear the stories of how everyone celebrates in their own way. It’s times like this, when our mindsets are so focused on those we love, we are reminded how good estate planning matters more than ever.

Forgive us for asking the sensitive question – but what if this is your last Thanksgiving with your family?

Are you prepared not just to celebrate with them but to leave them protected for next year and all the years thereafter? This year, we have personally seen more avoidable, unfortunate circumstances than any other. Scenarios and heartache that good estate planning could have easily circumvented. We feel it is incumbent on us to ask the difficult question of all of those we care about and everyone around us – have you taken the steps to best show your family you are thankful for them this year?

If you are uncertain about where to start with estate planning or need more information on just what advice you need in New York, let us know. Also, there is never a “wrong” time to take a look at your existing estate planning, reviewing it to make sure it is able to meet your needs both now and in the future. Let’s schedule a time to make sure you have created the estate plan that best shows your family just how thankful you are for them this holiday season.

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