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  • Patrick J. Roth, Esq., CPA
    Attorney at Law
    Typical “Bio” or “About” pages merely list off major accomplishments and dry, boring information. They don’t really tell you much about the person. Don’t get me wrong, I think background information is still important – and I’ll fill in the gaps of mine below – but I think getting to know the person is even more important. To that end…here it goes! Read More…

  • Ronald J. Klokus, Esq., MBA
    Attorney at Law
    Amidst attending marketing classes and studying for political science exams as an undergraduate at Syracuse University, young Ronald J. Klokus still managed to find time to volunteer for Meals on Wheels. And it’s fortunate he did—it was during his time volunteering with the elderly that the aspiring lawyer developed a passion for Elder Law. “Being able to help families through what can be a very difficult time is some of the most gratifying work that I have been a part of,” says Ronald. Read More…


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